I started my career in advertising in 2011 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where I was born. I get around 50 questions every single day, and I do my best to respond to them on the same day. Rounding out the personal part of the page is the social aspect of compliments and collections. I’m going to rewrite my About Me page now, and I am glad to follow your blog from today. BTW – You should definitely check Hannah Morgan’s page and her website if you are looking for top-notch career advice and information. I have come back to this one post so many times to really ‘nut out’ what I would like my ideal About Page to look like and contain.

Both Ongoingness and I Think You’re Totally Wrong represent efforts to reconcile the competing selves in every writer, however autobiographical her work is: the self that lives in the world—getting sick or getting pregnant or serving brunch—with the self that creates the world, or re-creates it with a purpose, reconstructing its vicissitudes in order to compose an emotional narrative or ask hard questions.

This is how you can turn your page into a hub in your hub and spoke personal brand system. It was definitely a journey of tweaking, tinkering, adding, subtracting, fine-tuning, fiddling and polishing, until I finally felt like I had successfully got my heart onto the page. Clicking on your name provides you with the ability to customize your page via the dropdown menu.